Welcome to DIADOCHOI, a Wiki-style searchable website dedicated to the ancestry of doctoral degrees
in Classical Studies and closely related fields. Complete individual entries contain:

Among the projectís goals is to offer students interested in the PhD a strong sense
of the number of degrees produced by individual programs and advisors,
and of associated placements. Prospective graduate students may search
individual departments to get a sense of overall PhD production.

The database currently holds records for about 5000 individuals, mostly from the United States
and Canada. Information on dissertation titles and advisorsí names is particularly good for the last
twenty years or so. We expect the database to evolve rapidly over the next few years, both moving
back in time, as individual departments add information about their own faculty and graduates,
and expanding geographically.

We recommend beginning with the Search function, using the final name only. Once the correct entry
has been located, you will have the opportunity to add to or correct the information it contains by hitting
the Edit button at the bottom right of the page, followed by the Submit button, once your changes
are complete. If an individual is missing from the data base, you may create a new page with the Add function.
Links to the advisorís page, and to the pages of the individualís PhD students, will be created automatically
and do not require any action on your part.

Note that entries do not need be complete to be added to the data-base; one of the greatest advantages
of Wiki-style systems is that many small additions can create a body of information much larger than
any one person could assemble. Although any number of dissertation keywords can be added, for maximum searchability we urge you to consult the list of recommended keywords.

To guard against accidents or tampering, any additions or changes submitted are subject to approval by the
site-manager; approvals will generally carried out within 24 hours.

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